Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting Started with the Android Development Tools

Now that we have ADT officially released and world's first Android-powered phone announced it's a good time to take a second look at Android Development Tools (ADT).

First screencast introduces installation and usage of ADT within the Eclipse Ganymede SR1 environment. (03:10):

Second screencast shows ADT in declarative UI development (02:30):

For this tutorial we have used an image of "electric sheep" from created by Scott Draves.

Tutorial steps are based on Android - Getting started tutorial.

  1. Professional Android Application Development
  2. Android Essentials (Firstpress)
  3. Unlocking Android

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redsolo said...

Thanks for providing the screen casts, it was a very good glimpse on it works. Would be nice to get a screen cast on how it works with the Android memory model, ie how it stores memory when your app gets unloaded from memory.

Ashish said...

Amazing Amazing Simply Amazing!

These screencasts helped me quickly pick up a subject in a matter of minutes, which would otherwise have taken hours.

If I may ask, Which tool did you use to create these wonderful screencasts.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, thanks for the screencast.

But i got a little problem while trying the second one. I always get "android ERROR Error parsing XML: unbound prefix" when trying to add the ImageView. My Code even looks the same as yours but it is not working here...

(Btw. i had to manually add android.jar to my project)

sonnet said...

It is very good tool

Feel said...

good job